Unraveling CBD Oil and Cannabis


By Debbie Boman, LMT

I know what a client's first question will be, even before they speak, after my suggestion of CBD oil in the massage lotion I want to apply.

"Will I get high?"

The short answer is: "Absolutely not."

The longer answer is a little more complex.  And the reason for that is the majority of people confuse the words cannabis,  marijuana, hemp and cannabinoids (or better know as CBD).

They mix them all up in their heads as the same thing, when taking a little time to learn about it, these are all different things.

So let's start with a few facts, so we can demystify all of it.

Ahhh but I hear you saying, "So that means it does get me high?"

Again, absolutely not.  It can't and why is that?  Because the ingredient that does have hallucinogenic properties - Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC - is in such miniscule proportions in Hemp CBD oil.

So let's start to unravel the confusion.  

Cannabis is the parent plant, with marijuana and hemp being different strains of Cannabis.  You can actually have CBD oil extracted from both marijuana and hemp.

But the CBD oil that can be legally purchased, in most states, comes from the hemp plant.

Now this hemp plant has very low THC levels and high in Cannabinoids, or CBD.

Marijuana is high in THC and low in CBD.

The CBD oil from the hemp plant - by law - contains only 0.03 % THC.  This means there's no way you're going to experience any hallucinogenic effects because the THC level is so small.

The other misconception is that CBD oil is come kind of medication or painkiller you get with a prescription.  That is not what this is.  CBD oil is extracted from a plnat.  It is a plant-based herbal remedy.  It is all natural.

Let me tell you how I came to learn and experience CBD oil myself.

I started massaging in 2007 and moved to Las Vegas in 2008 as a licensed massage therapist.  I began working in five-start hotel spas on and near the Strip, before branching out on my own in 2012.

In early 2018 I was experiencing great pain in my hands, the culmination of a decade of massaging.  I wasn't sleeping at nights, I had to wear braces all the time- except when I was massaging.

Doctors I spoke to said I would need surgery on both hands and that wasn't an option.  That would be four months not working or four months with no income.  I am a single mother.

Someone suggested putting CBD oil on my hands.  Within three weeks I noticed a huge difference, a massive grop in my pain.

Obiviously this sparked my interest and I began researching CBD oil and its properties.  I started putting the oil into my massage lotions and I asked my clients if they wanted to try it.  They did, and experienced similar improvements in pain, in reduced anxiety or stress.  They are also now learning about all the benefits and all want to take CBD oil daily, which is possible with a few drops under the tongue.

I have now joined with Jamie Williams and other massage therapists creating a company, CannaBodyDirect.

We have gone into the prodcut side of CBD oil called CaliBrateD - selling it to our clients and anyone who wants to experience its healing and well-being powers, with or without a massage.

In my next blog, I will give you more details on the types of conditions that CBD oil can help you overcome.